Top Fashion Statements This Year!

While we are not sure if different fashion statements would have gained popularity in 2020 before the sudden advent of Covid-19, we can assume that 2021 will kickstart some unique styles and trends of men's and women's clothing online. It seems like the must-have fashion pieces for 2020 were a waste of energy and time, as instead of wearing the latest styles, we all resorted to our regular clothing as we were all stuck inside our homes. We ditched a lot of fashion trends in 2020 in terms of apparel,  footwear, jewelry, and bags!

However, this season is bringing to light some incredibly unique and stylish designs. Some have indeed been a hit in this season’s looks. We love every single one of them, and you will see why. Read on to discover new styles and top fashion trends!

If you are a sweater lover, you will love this news! Yes, sweaters have taken over in 2021! From loose to tight sweaters, there’s a wide variety available. A cozy, light, delicate material is perfect for providing you comfort during this season. You might even come across a one-sleeved sweater with cutouts, creating a futuristic, asymmetrical look. 

Since the line between clothes considered "feminine" or "masculine" is blurring, it should come as no surprise that the oversized men's suit jacket is making a revival and will take over 2021. It's time to gleefully break down those silly gender stereotypes for what people "should" wear. Men and women can rock an oversized blazer with jeans and sneakers, or dress it up with a skin-tight turtleneck underneath and a pair of statement boots.

Blazers are not strictly tied to a professional look, they complement casual looks as well. Start searching for a trendy and chic blazer for yourself today!

Oversized Trousers
You can add more style to your look with loose or oversized trousers. Versatile, affordable, and stylish, they will be perfect for a brunch, a casual dinner, or an intimate get-together. You can carry it with most of your shirts- it certainly won't disappoint your fashion-forward friends.

Fall Tones Taking Over
You will be glad to know that fall tones are taking over women's clothing and apparel online in 2021. Nothing makes an outfit pop more than a bright yellow accessory or a gorgeous, fall-toned dress. You can either go for an acid-yellow ensemble, autumnal colors, or accessories in fall tones to conjure the perfect look.

Is yellow not your color? Don't worry! There are variations of orange, which are trending in 2021. So, whether you have a penchant for summer gold, burnt orange, or a seasonal tan, you will look as trendy as ever.


Fancy Flip-flops
If you thought flip-flops were last season, prepare yourself for a wave of flip-flops this year. These days people look for trendy yet comfortable men's and women's shoes and footwear online. So, it won’t be a surprise to see a beach favorite on the catwalks. However, it’s not going to look as ordinary as you think. Many designers are giving the classic shape a chic elevation with leather and thick rubber soles.

White Sneakers
A minimalistic pair of white sneakers or low top trainers are perfect for portraying a casual and neat look. From simple to retro to high fashion, they will never go out of fashion. They are ideal when styled with black jeans and a white or plain shirt for a monochromatic look.

Chain Jewelry
This oldie goodie has been in trend for years and is many people's favorite. You will never see this type of jewelry out of trend. With a simple and beautiful structure, they complement any subtle or bold look for men and women alike. They can be found made from handmade chains - bracelets with various stones as embellishments.

Since they are so versatile, you can even invest in a necklace and pendant for men in a beautiful plain chain. You can choose from silver, gold and even other metals. Don’t forget to be creative with your jewelry. If the clasp of the necklace is nicely done, you can use the bracelet to create a long version of the necklace.

Hoop Earrings
Even if someone doesn't like earrings, they will definitely be into studs or simple hoop earrings. The best part about these earrings is that they can be paired up with any formal or informal clothing. Whether it's a wedding, a dinner, or an office lunch, hoops perfectly complement all styles of clothing.

Moreover, there are various sizes available - from smallest to the boldest, from chunky to slim. Glittering with diamonds or zirconia, in silver or gold, hoop earrings are always a safe bet. So, grab your favorite women's necklace and pendants in any material or size you want!

Tote Bags

Girls and women of all ages use tote bags for a variety of purposes. Ladies love it because the square or rectangular shape enables it to stand on its own and provide maximum storage. With so many sizes, designs, and material options available, you can choose any according to the event, your need, or preference. Light and durable, the most prominent aesthetic feature of the tote bag is that it has a handle on each side of the bag. Typically, the handles are long enough to fit under an arm but short enough to be carried without dragging the rest on the ground.



Final Words
In 2021, make the most out of your closet. Even if you are not going outdoors due to Covid-19, you can still dress up at home and feel productive during work or study. We can hope that the situation gets better soon so that you can rock the new trends and styles and make a statement.

If you are one of those people who never want to get left behind with regards to fashion but are reluctant to step out of your comfort zone, you can get creative and come up with styles that you are comfortable in. It can be hard to copy every popular style, especially in these times, you can still experiment from the comfort of your home without feeling left behind.