A Man's Guide to Modern Accessories

Jewelry is always the first thing people are likely to compliment. For a man, it's a method of differentiating himself from the lot by adorning a piece of men's designer jewelry that has a backend story. You can wear rings, watches, necklaces, and pendants with personal meanings, but how much you reveal will forever remain a personal choice.

Collecting the perfect pieces of jewelry is much like encrypting a secret message. But it's vital to maintain a balance when sporting the number of pieces with each outfit. Let us first discuss the few pieces of accessories every man should possess:

1.     Watches

The watch's functionality may have become limited due to mobile phones, but even today, it's worth the investment as a piece of jewelry. The choice of a leather strap or metal band depends mostly on your personal preference.

If you have bigger hands or a wider wrist, it's acceptable to wear a more oversized watch. The size of your jewelry must complement your body.

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2.     Bracelets

When it comes to layering bracelets, it's best to balance the equation with your overall attire. Whether you choose to ornament your look with a thick leather or metal or have moved to stack minimal, delicate bracelets, if you're a wedding band or watch on the left, the cord needs to go on the right and vice versa.

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3.     Necklaces and Pendants

When shopping for necklaces, try to start with the bare minimum. It must be something that can be tucked away with a chain peaking around the neck, or the chain can be equipped with a pendant worn on top of the shirt. The chain's length should ideally hit mid-chest, or you can opt for layering a 22-inch chain over a 24-inch chain.

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4.     Sunglasses

Who likes a man with squinting eyes? You need a pair of sunglasses to keep it cool. But, not just any sunglasses, you must find a pair that complements the shape of your face. For example, a wider frame looks best on a round face, but you should prefer something slimmer for high cheekbones, a slender jaw type of a face cut.

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5.     Rings

For rings, the general rule of thumb is less is more; there's no reason to be flaunting more than two at any given time. Heavy, thick bands with chunky tops are outdated and a complete no-no. Instead, your best choice is a lightweight ring with minimal stunners. 

No matter what piece of jewelry seems to be your favorite, the key is to wear it with confidence and without over-accessorizing. It would help if you also considered the environment when deciding which accessories to the sport.

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