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Electric Keyboard Toilet Carpet Mat
Electric Keyboard Toilet Carpet Mat

Electric Keyboard Toilet Carpet Mat

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Don’t stop improvising even in the toilet.

The quirkiest product is here. Toilet Electric Organ is the ultimate quirky product in this category. Now toilet time will also be a fun time.

Do you know great ideas come when you are in the toilet seat? Do you know music notes help in clearing your thoughts? What if we say, this product is your new partner in toilet!! The Toilet Electric Organ is a product that is placed on the floor under your feet and it can be played using your toes. You can play different tones by pressing the tiles of the toilet electric organ. The best thing is, it is waterproof, so you do not have to worry. This will help you contemplate better and you get the added benefit of music too.

Now, toilets will not be boring anymore. This product will keep you entertained. Many people stay in toilets for long, this product will make that long time appear short. How time will pass you won’t even know. Important thing is, in enjoying the tones and playing the tiles do not forget to flush!!

This funny product can be a great gift for friends and even family. Gift it to your best friend on his/her birthday. They can now sit, relax and enjoy the music. It comes with a curve so it easily fits at the base of the toilet.

Material: cloth
Specification: 30*4.5*26
Packing method: color box
Ability development: interest development, hearing, parent-child communication, interactive toys
Product category: electronic organ
Is there an animation image: No
Is there a shopping guide video: Yes
Whether it is exclusively for foreign trade: No
3C configuration category: toys over 14 years old
Color: toilet keyboard
Whether the source of supply for cross-border export: No
Applicable age: youth (15-35 years old)
Crawling mat thickness: 0.5cm
Features: 3 modes
Applicable people: unlimited

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Package Content:
1 × Toilet Electric Organ.

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