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Multifunctional Electric Hair Comb / Curler

Multifunctional Electric Hair Comb / Curler

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AC110-220V 10W
22* 5 (cm) / Hot Plates : 9 (cm)
Optimized temperature
120℃ for hair condition

Curling iron only for man, prevention burn system

At one go! Key Point:
1. Volume Up
Change subdued Top hair to flowing hair 
Keep flowing hair all the time.
2. Side hair down
Side Hair not down with WAX and hair spray is easily Down.
3. Make Curly Hair straight
Curly hair also can create nature straight hair style.
4. No hair damaged
Special Ceramic coating hotplate saves your hair.
No burned hair and skin
Hotplate covers comb, avoid touching skin for safe.
5. Feeling the grip 
Designed for Average hand size, bring excellent grip

How to use:
Volume up top hair
Comb top hair from front to back slowly.
Keep flowing hair all the time
Down Side hair.
Comb side hair from top to bottom slowly.
Curly hair straight
Comb your whole hair from front to back slowly.

Use for Top hair 
1. Stick comb to top hair
2. Comb back very slowly to transfer heat to hair root. (comb back 0.5 cm per 1 second)
3. finish side hair with WAX or Hair Spray.
*When you use it to side hair, watch out for not touching to your ear.

Precautions of using: 
1. Turn on.
2. After preheating, assemble it with comb.
3. Check it assembled completely.
-Remove foreign object form the Hotplate with tissue when it is turned off.
-If it has been turned on for a long time, heat would be transferred to comb.
-Turn on only when you use it.  

1.Plug in after check the voltage.
2.Detach the comb from the machine and Turn on, check the lamp is light on, wait till warm up.
3.After 15 second for warm up, assemble comb. Pressing it to scalp and gently comb.
4.After use it, turn off,  plug out and cool down. Keep it in safety place.
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