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Car Shape Phone Holder
Car Shape Phone Holder
Car Shape Phone Holder
Car Shape Phone Holder

Car Shape Phone Holder

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Sports car shape, cool appearance design, fashion, and pragmatism combination.
Two types to hold your phones: magnetic suction and buckle grip. Compatible with 3.5-6 inch mobile phone
Press the button to change it into a holder. The suction cup can be placed on many smooth surfaces, convenient, and practical.
360-degree rotation: stereo rotation with multiple angles can be realized by rotating spheres.
Reusable and easy to clean: just wash with water when it becomes dirty to restore the adsorption capacity.
Silicone pad design, protect your phone from scratch.
It is not only a phone holder but also can be used as a toy for children and a home ornament.

1. Turn on the switch.
2. Lock the lock where you want to install it.
3. Press the switch and the holder pops up.
4. Put your cell phone on it.


Color: Red, Yellow, Gold
Material: PC
Type: Magnetic, Buckle
Folded Length: About 122mm
Expanded Size: About 122x130mm(WxH)

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