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Computer Mouse Shape Phone Holder

Computer Mouse Shape Phone Holder

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The new mouse-type mobile phone holder, which can be popped off under the crotch, cool shape, dual-use stand for windshield instrument panel,


Suitable for 56-95mm mobile phones


[Product name]: Car mouse phone holder


[Product Color]: Black


[Product size]: 10.8 * 5.6cm (overall length)


[Product material]: ABS plastic


[Product Net Weight]: 89g


[Product gross weight]: 110g


[Product packaging]: 1pcs / color box

[Suitable model]: universal type


【installation method】:


Mounted on the dashboard and windshield




1. Wide applicability: suitable for most smartphones, navigators, driving recorders, MP4, PSP and many other products, electronic equipment within 56-95mm size can be used.


2. 360-degree rotation: spherical swivel joint and pressure rod type suction cup, the car mobile phone holder can rotate 360 ° freely, the viewing angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can be operated with one hand, which is convenient and fast to use and guarantees safety


3. Environmentally friendly materials: brand new materials, safe and comfortable to use!


4. Unobstructed line of sight: practical type, simple and fast operation, car mobile phone bracket does not block the line of sight when using, driving is safer.




For safety, please check if the product is loose before driving. If so, please fix it to avoid danger when driving.

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