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Led Projection Wall Clock
Led Projection Wall Clock

Led Projection Wall Clock

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Product name: LED large projection wall clock (with remote control)

Product Model: TY06
Product specifications: 6 * 15.6 * 12CM

Product features and functions:

There is a plastic hook on the back. It can be hung on the wall, or placed on a desktop or hanging on the wall

Note: The product comes with an adapter.

1.Wall clock with LED light and shadow

      2.Classical analog clock face

      The longest projection distance of 3.6 meters can create a projection of up to 2 meters in diameter

      4. Dual-purpose wall clock, 180-degree rotating projection

      5. Low temperature cold light source, power saving, durable (40,000 hours service life)

      6. Can be placed on a countertop or wall.

     7. Fully meet the requirements of different users. Place it on the desktop to project to the desired place, and install on the wall to project to

    On the wall, on the ceiling and projected to the ground ... and so on.

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