Electric Shock Sex Toys

Electric Shock Sex Toys

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Material: plastic, glass
Function and use: flirting, physiotherapy
Tension: 110-220 V
Fréquence: 50-60 HZ
Tube de peigne: 16.5 cm
Tube de champignon: 15.5 cm
Tube de courbure: 14.4 cm
Tube de langue: 14.8 cm


1. Take out the white host first, and then take out the glass head tool to be used.

2. Insert the glass head into the white host, plug in the power supply, and then rotate the switch on the bottom of the white host.

3. Alright! You can start enjoying! By the way, the current can be controlled by turning the rotary knob at the bottom!

Electric shock will generate 50~60hz electric current, which will make the user feel a little tingling, a bit like acupuncture.


1. The glass tube should be kept clean and dry at any time.
2. Do not vigorously pull out the glass tube from the grip to prevent the metal part at the bottom of the glass tube from falling off.
3. When operating, do not hold the junction of the grip rod and the glass tube with your hand to avoid electric shock.
4. When changing the glass tube, remember to unplug the power supply before replacing the glass tube

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